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Tanwood School for Performing Arts - 

Training in all aspects of the profession

What does Tanwood stand for?

T Training for life

A Achieving maximum potential

N Nurturing the individual

W Wholly committed to improvement

O Open door policy

O Opportunities to excel

D Dedicated pupils and staff 

Our Mission - TNWD Performing Arts School

To be the Premier Performing Arts School for the Swindon community. Providing a complete experience, built on a proud tradition and reputation, but always innovative and striving for continuous improvement and progression.

  • Provide best in class performing arts tuition.
  • Be seen as a centre of excellence in all respects.
  • Provide a curriculum which is comprehensive and complete always meeting the needs of pupils.
  • Produce innovative and creative performers who have the skill to inspire.
  • Encourage versatility to acquire skills and knowledge to succeed in future life.
  • Foster the involvement of parents for the benefit of pupil development.
  • Establish an atmosphere of mutual respect and tolerance.
  • Provide a service for pupils of all ages, abilities and backgrounds.
  • Value all pupils equally recognising all contributions and achievements.
  • Provide a safe and accessible environment.
  • Constantly strive for the highest possible standards and continuous improvement in all areas.
  • Attract and retain staff of the highest calibre.
  • Provide a welcoming and supportive environment for all students, staff and any one who as contact with the school.
  • Promote activities which provide interaction between the school, business, and the community.